End of The World Predicted; NASA knows…

NASA Found Chernobyl on Mars - Clapway End of The World Predicted; NASA knows Clapway

On Monday, Mercury will make a rare move across the Sun. While the event is fascinating enough as is, certain doomsday believers think the transit will mean the end of the world and NASA has known it all along. While the end of mankind surely would be devasting, more importantly, we would never see VR porn. reach it’s full potential. Absolutely tragic.


Mercury, the smallest planet in the solar system (sorry Pluto), will look like a tiny black spot on the face of the sun that will last 7.5 hours. In that small amount of time, some think Mercury’s transit means the end of the world. The last time this happened was 2006 and we’re still here. Also, it will happen again three years from now. NASA says the event occurs only 13 times a century, so what makes this time so special? Well, the “answer” lies in the Bible of all places.


Thanks to YouTube channel The Prophetico, millions around the world fear the end is near. According to them, the Mercury transit is a heavenly event linked to the Bible’s prophecy of destruction. Among this alignment, some believe that a host of other significant astrological alignments will occur simultaneously. This is supposed to signify a doomsday spell of sorts according to the prophet Matthew. The transit will bring upon a new moon that viewed from Jerusalem will align with the Orian star constellation. What this has to do with the end of the world only relies on a hypothesis, but at least NASA is aware of it.


Thanks to the diligence of our modern prophets, NASA has been notified of the upcoming apocalypse and they are taking the necessary preparations to do absolutely nothing about it. To NASA, this is just another hoax. Seeing as they seem to know a good deal about space, it’s safe to say they would probably know about the Mercury transit. It turns out there is no mention of doomsday catastrophe from the space agency. That’s not to say the end of the world isn’t near, though. It very well could be, however, as usual, humans refuse to believe they are the source of conflict.