Minecraft Mario Makes Wii U Fans Happy; What about Xbox One and PS4?

Minecraft Mario Makes Wii U Fans Happy; What about Xbox One and PS4? Clapway

The iconic video game character Mario never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face. Usually limited it the Nintendo universe, the determined plumber will be making an appearance on Minecraft Wii U next week. Meanwhile, Xbox and PS4 continue to get the cold shoulder from him.


The Wii U adaptation to Minecraft is adding an exciting series of Mario items through the upcoming mash-up pack, according to Nintendo. Items like Super-Mario themed worlds, music, and over 40 skins will come to the Minecraft for free on May 17. The content will be delivered through a free game update on that same say. Additional, the mash-up pack will be included on the game disc when it launches on June 17th for $30. At the moment, it looks like Xbox and PS4 will get the shaft on the Nintendo legend.


For those that think Mario should remain in his own world, thing again. Nintendo VP stated that the Wii and the Minecraft realm both embrace the magic of discovery and exploration. By combining the best elements of each franchise, players will be able to up their creativity with a wealth of new features.All the world and item textures in Minecraft will be redone ensuring players have the chance to create their own Nintendo Wii themed locations. Imagine building the world while listening to the classic sounds of Nintendo music both old and new. Builders of all ages will love creating new worlds using blocks inspired by  a character as recognizable as Mario.


Many games will likely agree that Xbox and PS4 are superior systems compared to the Wii, however, one thing they lack is a partnership with the famed Nintendo character. At the moment, there is no mention of the mash-up pack coming to either Xbox or PS4. The lack of relationship, however, is nothing new and it doesn’t seem to have any effect of the Xbox or PS4’s success in the world. Still, don’t rule out Nintendo just yet. One may never know where they’ll pop up next.