Minecraft Pink Sheep Destroyed Zoolander

Minecraft Pink Sheep Destroyed Zoolander Clapway

Pink Sheep is back in the game with the mustache on point. The latest YouTube video published by PinkSheep is not the usual take over Minecraft or walk up killings. This time, he goes fashion in “Design It,” a Minecraft fashion contest. Pink Sheep does note that if your mustache is on point, it will enhance your fashion. This makes him an obvious favorite to win the competition for sure. He has gained quite a following. His subscribers are in upwards of 430,000. And this latest fashion contest video gained more than 400,000 views in roughly 24 hours. His gangster rude boy style is hilarious, and Zoolander has nothing on him. Could Pink Sheep revolutionize Blue Steel?

The Pink Sheep Entourage

The beginning of the contest offers the usual Pink Sheep commentary combined with a gangster hip hop beat. But he seems to have an entourage these days. After adjusting his budget, which was too high per the contest rules, he goes naked and gets props from the homies. The praise and pranksta gangsta love Pink Sheep gets from two other characters sends the video into a hilarious moment of silence, thanking all the lil homies in the game. His crew is like the Zoolander crew, without the gasoline fight and smoothies.

Minecraft Fashion Contest

To the many viewers’ surprises, he took third in the first Zoolander-inspired contest. The characters simply just walk around and lineup and users vote. It is not as exciting as maybe a Zoolander fashionista left turn, but it’s entertaining. Pink Sheep may have taken third simply because he wasn’t wearing anything. Just a French type beret and iconic mustache. In the second contest, he threw on a pink shirt, and that was pretty much it. But they added a new member to the lil homie squad. He placed third again. Then Pink Sheep takes it up a notch after not placing at all in the third competition.

Going Zoolander

After several attempts, and not taking first place, Pink Sheep goes full Zoolander. He sports a shirt showing his muffin top and tight red shorts that would make Hansel’s man area hurt. Unfortunately, our pink hero didn’t win. But there was a great beat down session when a hater insulted the crew. Another funny Minecraft video that is entertaining in an odd way. Minecraft and a few characters in the game are becoming popular. Almost like Minecraft celebrities. Could Pink Sheep take his Minecraft status to a branding level? Will there be action figures with mustaches and pink shirts soon?