New iPad Pro Super Pen: 5 Reasons Apple Fans Are Happy

New iPad Pro Super Pen: 5 Reasons Apple Fans Are Happy Clapway

New Apple Pencil may be the next professional super pen for Apple iPad users. The crowdfunding campaign by Ben Freiholz and his brother from Germany brings an artistic quality to iPad Pro users and illustrators. The protoPen is an ergonomic Apple pencil for those who are more than inspired by art. It is for the professional artist in need of real tactility. Also, perfect for the budding illustrator looking to combine tactility with technology. The Freiholz brothers designed the protoPen by combining their product development experiences with OS and iOS software project skills to create the next Apple Pencil.

An Artistic Feel for iPad Users

One challenge the protoPen aims to overcome is the unrealistic feel of Apple iPad pencils. It can be difficult when combining tactility with technology, but the protoPen does just that. It offers the same feel as a true artistic pen. This will ease the artistic transitions Apple pencil users may experience in a big way.

Never Scratches

The protoPen was designed to leave a mark on your artistic creativity and not your iPad. It is made of silicone, which will keep it from scratching your iPad Pro while in the heat of illustration. The liquid silicone rubber (LSR) material is also non-toxic and may prove better for your skin after hours of work.

Seamless Apple Design

Apple is known for their seamless design with base colors of white, black, and space gray. The protoPen follows the seamless design and color iPad enthusiasts love. It is a sleek pen with white color, making it the perfect aesthetic complement to your devices.

Easy to Use and Charge

The protoPen design is not only sleek and aesthetic. It is also easy to use. You simply pop the top cap on the protoPen, insert the Apple pencil, and close the cap. Ready for creative moments. If you want to charge your pen, simply remove the cap, take out the pencil and charge.

Ships by July and August

Early contributors could have their protoPen by July, and everyone else who helped bring the protoPen to life can expect their iPad pencil by August. There are also a few benefits of being a protoPen backer. The Freiholz brothers will draw an illustration of you, like the ones seen on the Kickstarter campaign page. You can also meet them in Munich for some one-on-one time if your contribution is 500 Euro or more.

New iPad Pro Super Pen: 5 Reasons Apple Fans Are Happy Clapway