NASA Accused of Lying about UFO Invasion

NASA Accused of Lying about UFO Invasion Clapway

NASA still under fire from UFO fans over secret alien meetings. And their cover-ups of space photos. Two YouTube videos published by secureteam10 on May 9 and 10, 2016 presents further NASA cover-ups. As well as George Lucas inspired alien UFO tech. If you believe in aliens and UFOs, then you will find the videos interesting. If you don’t believe, you can simply enjoy the entertainment factor. Especially from the enthusiasm displayed by the secureteam10 video narrator. Either way, George Lucas and Star Wars may be in alien law copyright infringement.

Star Wars UFO Connection

The secureteam10 YouTube video points out that several alien UFOs resemble Star Wars spacecraft. Is this a coincidence, or a deal made with aliens? Another UFO YouTube channel published footage from Florida this month. They showed a UFO that looked like the Millennium Falcon. George Lucas may have made a space deal with aliens to get ideas for Star Wars. The UFO inspired Star Wars aircraft might also be NASA showing the public that aliens do exist. This is highly unlikely, but they are fun to think about.

Does NASA Expose Alien Secrets in Plain Sight?

Another topic discussed in the video is the odd use of the chevron symbol. It can be found in the NASA logo. The video shows a similar chevron symbol in space. Saying it is an alien spacecraft. The video also points out that the use of similar chevron shapes in space agency logos. From the private to public sectors. The chevron was also the Star Trek badge worn on the U.S.S. Enterprise. A coincidence? The mind often shows us what we want to see. However, NASA may be having a few laughs. Like some sort of inside joke by hiding their secrets in plain sight.

Astronauts Speak Out Against Aliens Existing

Veteran NASA astronaut, Tom Jones, recently said he is no longer a fan of UFOs. NASA may be putting pressure on their astronauts to keep UFOs a secret, according to the video. The self-proclaimed “UFOLOGISTS” were up in arms over the astronaut’s claim to never seeing alien life. They simply disregard possible aliens were ice crystals or floating debris. These are far more rational explanations when it comes to UFOs. A UFO alien invasion is highly unlikely according to veteran astronauts, leaving NASA open to further conspiracy theories.