Walgreens Proven to Be Better Than CVS and Walmart

Walgreens Proven to Be Better Than CVS and Walmart Clapway

It’s not easy to find positive aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, but one company hopes to defy the stereotype. Walgreens will be expanding their mental health services across their American stores. Meanwhile, it seems CVS and Walmart only add to the mental health dilemma in the country.


According to Walgreens, one in five Americans suffer from mental health illness. This is even greater than heart disease or diabetes. Despite these numbers, the process of getting prescriptions for mental health patients is more difficult than physical illness. For that reason, Walgreens is opening up their mental health services in a big way. The expansion will include access to behavioral health treatment via telemedicine, more treatment options, screenings, and overall awareness.


CVS and Walmart have made an effort to become more than just a drug dealer, but they have yet to make a move as big as Walgreens. Usually, pharmacies just dispense and manage customer drug needs. One can not go to CVS to see a therapist or Walmart to order a psychiatrist. Walgreens is looking to offer access to thousands of these doctors via MDLive, a telemedicine company. Customers will now have 24/7 access to trained physicians. Despite having six million shops in America, the chain is looking to add a “mom and pop” like element to their stores. CVS and Walmart on the other hand, have some work to do.


If businesses want to improve the experience for their customers, they’ll have to fix it for their employees first. It’s well known that employees at both stores report a negative work environment. Just yesterday a Chicago union said CVS is severely understaffing and overworking its employees. As a result, customers complain. If employees had a better work environment, this wouldn’t be an issue. A far as Walmart goes, well, their reputation is well known and it’s not a good one. Rumors state that the company is trying to turn that around, but employee reports still seem to demonize the company. Low pay, long hours and poor management are all common qualities of the big box store. Until that changes, stores like Walgreens will be the model pharmacies should strive towards.