NASA Detected UFO During Volcanic Eruption

NASA Detected UFO During Volcanic Eruption Clapway

The Volcanic eruption of Mount Sourabaya was captured by NASA satellites. But, volcanic ash and lava may not be the only thing the satellites captured. Aliens may have been watching the eruption. Even though humans couldn’t get a glimpse of the eruption live. According to NASA Earth Observatory, no humans live near the volcano’s ocean isle. If a UFO were spotted near the Mount Sourabaya eruption, it wouldn’t be the first time an alien took an interest in what is happening on Earth. There have been a number of UFO sightings at other volcanic eruptions. But NASA may be keeping quiet about those incidents.

Mount Sourabaya Eruption

It has been 60 years since Mount Sourabaya last erupted. And this one was a spectacle of bright lava and ash. Oddly, the Bristol Island volcano that sits in the South Atlantic Ocean erupted twice. Once on April 24, 2016. And another on May 1, 2016. These eruptions were once unreported. Prior to the wealth of NASA satellites now orbiting the Earth. No humans live on the island. The only proof is from satellite imaging. Despite the lack of humans near Bristol Island, aliens may have enjoyed the eruption from their UFO.

Volcanic UFO Sightings

If aliens do exist, they seem to enjoy Earth’s violent eruptions. UFO WORLD CREATOR published footage of a strange floating UFO on YouTube near a volcanic eruption in Chile. It does really indicate much. The YouTube channel has only four subscribers. And the video was seen by two viewers. The eruption was of the Calbuco volcano. It miles south of Santiago, Chile. Another video from the same YouTube channel showed a strange ash cloud coming from the eruption. Why are aliens so interested in eruptions? Maybe they are doing geological studies? Maybe there is no such thing as UFOs and the footage is simply misinterpreted?

NASA Landsat 8 Satellite

How does NASA get imaging of an archipelago volcano that is 1,725 miles southeast of Buenos Aires? It is an island chain in the far reaches of the southern world. Where people do not live on the island Mount Sourabaya sits upon. The Operational Land Imager on the NASA Landsat 8 satellite saw it. And recorded the eruption. The Operational Land Imager took two false-color photos of Mount Sourabaya’s eruption. The images show heat patterns  of the volcano. They also show lava and ash. As well as the ice that covers the volcano. Did the imager detect anything else? Possibly a UFO?