Oklahoma Storm is The Result of Alien Attack; NASA Remains Silent

Oklahoma Storm is The Result of Alien Attack; NASA Remains Silent

Intense thunderstorms and tornadoes ripped through the Oklahoma on Tuesday. While the obvious answer is that storms are the result of a strong weather system, a different theory exists. After a potential alien was caught flying over the Oklahoma sky, some believe we may be under attack. As always, NASA remains silent.


More storms are forecast to hit the area on Wednesday that will stretch from west-central Texas to southern Iowa and western Illinois. Tornadoes, flash flooding large hail and intense winds are all expected, but is it the result of freak weather or alien attacks? The night of the Oklahoma storms, sky watchers caught a potential alien ship flying through the night sky. Perhaps it was just a coincidence that it happened the same day as the storm, but some skeptics think the two are related and NASA is hiding something.


This recent alien sighting near a major storm is hardly the first time. Back in 2013, a UFO sighting occurred near another Oklahoma tornado. That same year, UFO sightings were founding around tornados in Indiana. Down in South America, multiple reports of UFO’s surfaced right after an active volcano began to erupt. Of course, NASA has denied that UFO’s exist, nevermind have anything to do with these storms. Still, the fact that people all over the world are reporting similar stories is worth looking into. Are alien attacks under the guise of storms or are they simply quiet observers?


There are some theories out there that aliens constantly keep an eye on Earth. Like curious tourists, they seem interested in our lives and geography. It could be that they are not the cause of our storms, but instead, they are watching for their own pleasure. Just as we find tornadoes and volcanos entertaining, so do aliens. Perhaps they are even working with NASA in order to get a closer look. Of course, NASA would think this is all insane and tell me to go back to my tinfoil covered home. Little do they know, it’s quite comfortable in here and a great pizza place is right down the street. Joke’s on them.