Aliens Sending Magnetic Waves to Earth

Aliens Sending Magnetic Waves to Earth Clapway

Magnetic storms near Earth were detected by NASA space probes. This is the first time NASA has witnessed the powerful magnetic storms. And it may lead to future nuclear research. These explosive storms detected near Earth are created by the magnetic fields of the sun and Earth. They are actually extremely dangerous. Especially for satellites, spacecraft, and astronauts. The electrical grid on Earth can also be affected by these magnetic storms. Witnessing the magnetic explosions could help scientists better understand these storms. Some people believe that these storms may also be made by aliens. Sending magnetic waves toward Earth. Aliens may be attempting to communicate with us. It could also be viewed as a threat. If aliens even exist.

NASA’s Planned Research

Researching the magnetic storms could prove useful for NASA and science. It may highlight what is behind these solar outbursts. As well as assisting in new nuclear reactor design. The MMS mission sent four space crafts to the magnetosphere of Earth. There they performed physics experiments. Seems like a good way to spend the space budget. The storms are mainly believed to be the result of solar plasma. Plasma being pushed into the Earth’s magnetosphere, causing a reaction. These explosive magnetic storms can be dangerous. They can produce geomagnetic storms. In 1989, the entire province of Quebec was blacked out. This was due to a powerful geomagnetic storm.

Are Aliens Attempting to Communicate or Attack?

Alien enthusiasts have also theorized that magnetic storms are in fact alien communications. These explosive storms could also be a super alien weapon used to attack Earth by causing geomagnetic storms. This would constitute the theory that aliens actually exist. This theory may not be too far off. The release of UFO and Area 51 documents may become reality. Used as bait for Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Making the possibility of aliens existing possible. Does the government know that aliens are causing these magnetic storms in the Earth’s magnetosphere?

How Does This Research Help Earth?

It would be difficult to imagine how much money NASA spent on the MMS mission. A mission to simply explore these explosive magnetic storms near Earth. One of the mission’s objectives was to harness data about magnetic reconnection. This could place nuclear-fusion ideas at risk. The aim of scientists to create the same power as the sun and stars on Earth is one reason for the mission. If such power can be made, it could solve the world’s power problems forever. However, there are still nuclear elements involved, which may be dangerous. Or they may just be looking for aliens. Either way, the mission is most likely overfunded. It will probably be cause for another mission. Another mission that will lead to more funding. And more spacecrafts launched into space.