Apple Watch 2 Band: 5 Reasons Apple Fans are Happy

Apple Watch 2 Band: 5 Reasons Apple Fans are Happy Clapway

New Apple Watch cell phone band may change the way you use the Apple Watch. Imagine making calls without having to carry your iPhone with you. The Reserve Strap LTE is an Apple Watch strap crowdfunding campaign. The designers aim to combine biology and technology to users. The Reserve LTE will keep you connected no matter where you are, or what you are doing. This Apple Watch strap could be a great accessory to your Apple Watch and iPhone 7. Placing more features at your fingertips. Could this Apple Watch band change the way millions use their smartphones?

Stay Connected Without Being Connected

The Reserve Strap LTE creates its own low strength Wi-Fi hotspot. It allows users to leave their iPhones at home while still making calls, sending messages, and connecting to iTunes. This could make a big difference in how you navigate life. No bulge in your pocket means more freedom.

Reserve Strap LTE Holds a Charge

The Reserve Strap LTE holds a relatively lengthy charge. This could have a big impact on what limits users. The Reserve Strap LTE users can wear the Apple Watch strap for up to a week before needing to charge it. For a smartphone watch band that is intended to replace having your iPhone with you, a long charge is vital.

Campaign Contributors Get Free Service

Anyone who contributes to the Reserve Strap LTE crowdfunding campaign will get free service for three months. The service afterwards will cost a low $15 per month. Those who make higher contributions will get a few extra perks, like prototype models, or extra straps.

Apple Watch Band Shipping has Began

Apple enthusiasts generally don’t like to wait for their products for too long. Despite the company’s two-year next generation iPhone schedule, they need to keep their users satiated. The Reserve Strap Battery Band is being shipped to pre-order customers already, so no waiting.

You Can Be Part of Watch Band History

The Reserve Strap LTE is a combination of biology and technology. The startup hopes that their product will be the gateway to smartphone technology being embedded into humans. This may be where smartphone and computer technology is heading. Technology offers more usability than ever before.