iPhone 6 Arm Table Deals: Apple Fans Rush to Get a Discount

iPhone 6 Sofa Arm Table: 5 Reasons Apple Fans are Happy Clapway

The new iPhone 7 may not offer the next generation features Apple fans are expecting. Upgrading and spending more money may be on hold. Maybe you are looking for better deals to pop up. The great news is that you can still feel awesome about the iPhone or smartphone you do have. Accessorizing is the way to go. Especially if you can get those Apple and iPhone inspired accessories at an affordable price. The SOTA Laser Cut Sofa Arm Table is a steal for any smartphone enthusiast that enjoys a bit of sofa relax time. The SOTA is also compatible with other smart devices. Apple fans are rushing to score these deals. The SOTA by LOHN, “Little Objects for Huge Needs” offers usability that compliments your taste in design and tech.

SOTA Sofa Arm Table

The SOTA Sofa Arm Table offers a flat surface that compliments any home design. It snuggly fits around the arm of your sofa, allowing you to go hands free. It has a flat surface for your beverage of choice with room to spare. The most unique feature the SOTA boasts is the iPhone holder. It will keep any device upright for optimal browsing, messaging, or a FaceTime session with friends. It is customizable, made for devices with a thickness of fewer than 9 mm, or devices with a thickness of 9 mm to 12 mm as well.

Multi-Task with Hands Free iPhone

Reading, browsing on your iPhone, flipping through Netflix, and relaxing with an adult beverage can be challenging. The SOTA can free up some of those octopus tentacles for a more chillaxing time. With your smartphone in an upright and locked position and your adult beverage securely at your side, you can multi-task with ease. The wealth of accessories and upgrades for your smart devices can improve your daily life. Don’t miss out on the great deals that will impact your life in big way.

Apple Accessory-Upgrade Deals You Can’t Miss Out On

The SOTA sofa arm table by LOHN is a deal worth jumping on. Now available for $45, you can have a sleek sofa arm table in your home within days of your purchase. There are other great deals Apple fans are absolutely loving. The HIODY Bluetooth and music enabled hoodie and AYO energy boosting wearable are other deals for your Apple lifestyle. Without the high Apple price.