UFO Caught by ISS live Stream; NASA Lying Again

NASA Captured Aliens on Government's Camera UFO Caught by ISS live Stream; NASA Lying Again Clapway

New footage from ISS may show UFO exiting Earth and linking up with the mother ship. The footage was published by secureteam10, a YouTube channel dedicated to all things alien, UFO, and NASA conspiracy. They have more than 350,000 subscribers, which makes them a somewhat popular UFO sighting channel on the platform. The video of the new ISS footage has reached more than 150,000 YouTubers. It is difficult to say whether aliens exist. If UFO sightings are legitimate. Or if the ISS footage streamed via NASA is simply space junk or flare reflections. Very few people on Earth have been to space. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone who has never left the planet to understand what is really going on up there. Are all the NASA cover-ups real? Does ISS even exist? Does space exist?

New ISS UFO Footage Breakdown

The YouTube video shows, or attempts to show a UFO of some kind exiting the Earth’s atmosphere. The footage is vague. And making out any discernable object is almost impossible. However, there is a flash of light as this “object” exits through what appears to be cloud cover. The video commentator gives a better play-by-play of the UFO action caught by the ISS live feed. Essentially, an object launches from earth, disconnects from a fiery light and connects with another object or UFO mother ship. It is difficult to make out, but NASA could have blurred the imagery if they wanted. Unlikely, but could happen.

NASA Cover-Up?

The secureteam10 YouTube channel is known for its enthusiastic alien UFO inspired footage and commentary. It is entertaining to those who don’t believe. As well as informative for those who do believe. They usually discuss some kind of NASA cover-up when recapping any UFO sighting video from the ISS. In this video, the commentator discusses the debunking theories used by NASA. Like light reflection from the sun for example. They insist that the sun’s reflection is off of the ocean and not clouds, like in the most recent UFO footage. They also note that the reflective halo of the sun is massive. Ice crystals have been an excuse used many times by NASA. But they may be moving in a pattern indicative of space ice crystals. NASA debunks UFOlogists, and they debunk NASA.

UFO Caught by ISS live Stream; NASA Lying Again

Does Any of This Matter?

There have been news reports circulating around the world about presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s vow to investigate aliens and Area 51. This could put the truth about UFO sightings and alien cover-ups on the table for the public to see. However, there may be more pressing issues happening in the world today. The Earth is slowing changing, whether it is dying from natural resource depletion or global warming. There are wars, epidemics, and unethical crimes committed against people around the world. Knowing if aliens exist simply won’t help important current issues that need to be solved.