Aliens Captured on Camera in Texas; NASA and Government Lie…

Aliens Captured on Camera in Texas; NASA and Government Lie… Russia is About to Catch Aliens; Will NASA help? Clapway

Aliens have been flying around Earth a lot more recently. The amount of footage that can be found on the Internet about aliens is increasing. Even government officials like Hilary Clinton have been talking about aliens. As well as possible Area 51 investigations she vowed to do. This could have something to do with the growing space race. Countries and private space companies are rushing to Mars and the moon. It could also be the NASA camera feeds from the ISS. But that footage may not be as clear. Since the ISS had a recent space junk incident. UFO sightings around the world are regularly published on YouTube. Begging the question, do aliens exist in Texas?

Texas UFO Sighting

The newest footage comes from secureteam10. A YouTube channel with more than 350,000 subscribers. Secureteam10 has published a new UFO sighting out of Texas. The video also discusses NASA and government secrets. The footage of the Texas UFO is actually pretty clear. The Texas UFO was saucer shaped. And apparently changed speeds, according to the man who shot the footage. Interestingly, the Texas man is not a big UFO believer. But he noted that there are too many unexplained things out there. This is a common theme with many people regarding aliens.

Will the Government Release Aliens?

The video also discusses the government and NASA. It addresses presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s vow to investigate aliens. And the secretive Area 51. The video explained that Clinton is a known liar and career politician. Noting that Clinton would say whatever is needed for more votes. Former president Carter was also discussed. Explaining that he was  the closest government source for information about aliens. The government is pointed out in the video as being jokesters. This has made the UFO community angry.

What Does NASA Think?

If there were a government agency with knowledge of aliens and UFOs. It would be NASA. NASA has decades of experience dealing with space stuff. They are a space agency that has accomplished pretty amazing things in space. NASA has been to the moon. They have landed a rover on Mars. NASA is also continuing their space research with the help of private space companies like SpaceX. If anyone knows anything about alien life. It would be NASA astronauts. Even if the government shared secret files about UFOs and Area 51. No one would believe them. Would you?