YouTube Makes Fun of Minecraft Mini-Game; Google Fans Happy

YouTube Makes Fun of Minecraft Mini-Game; Google Fans Happy Clapway

The wealth of hilarious Minecraft videos posted on YouTube is staggering. There is a lot. Some are pretty hilarious, like a build challenge where no one builds anything. Some are inspirational, like Pink Sheep’s mustache. And some are just confusing and a waste of brain cells. Minecraft continues its rise to world gaming dominance. It was definitely worth the $2.5 billion Microsoft paid for its acquisition in 2014. Minecraft has inspired YouTube videos of all varieties. It has also been implemented into education curriculum around the world. The Education Edition doesn’t have too many YouTube videos dedicated to it. But there is other non-academic ones that offer entertainment. What does Google think?

YouTube Minecraft Mini-Game

A new Minecraft mini-game published by “Sky Does Minecraft” teeters on the edge of funny and migraine. Sky Does Minecraft is a big-time YouTube channel with nearly 12 million subscribers. So whatever that channel does, works. However, the latest mini-game was odd. It is a mini-game that also has a treasure hunt. This adds to the confusion for some. It is also had a do not laugh element. Is it making fun of Minecraft? Or is it a good thing?

Google Needs Minecraft to Fail

Once upon a time, Google was a powerhouse. It surpassed Microsoft and enjoyed the fruits of its labor. However, there have been reports that Google is now the Microsoft of yesteryear. And Microsoft is the old Google. Which is good for Microsoft. This could be due to the excellent business decisions Microsoft has made in the last few years. While they were trying to make fully autonomous cars for people to have sex in, Microsoft matured. They have also been busy with contact lenses, hot air balloons, and VR headsets.

Are Google Fans Still Happy?

Google is still the go-to source for anything on the Internet. Unless you live in Russia. There you may be limited to Yandex. They have become more than just an Internet company. It has transformed itself into an innovative hub for new concepts. This is keeping fans happy for sure. The fact that Minecraft is such a smash hit on YouTube. And everywhere else in the world. But this won’t mean anything once they revolutionize the car industry and make VR porn a household name.