Google Drive and Evernote to Destroy Microsoft OneNote

Google Drive and Evernote to Destroy Microsoft OneNote Clapway

The days of yellow sticky notes seem like the Stone Age with all the new note keeping tech today. Two of the biggest names in note keeping may be in close competition. But a new relationship could put one far ahead of the other. Evernote and OneNote from Microsoft have been helping people keep track of things for some time now. But Evernote is teaming up with Google for its Drive cloud storage capabilities. This may not make Microsoft, or their fans very happy. Can Microsoft OneNote keep up with Google Drive and Evernote?

The Google Evernote Team

Cloud note keeping allows users to add items and retrieve the notes on the go. It could be shopping lists to car parts. And now Evernote will have Google Drive’s epic cloud storage service to draw from. The note keeping relationship will allow Evernote users to keep notes while accessing Google Drive data as well. This could be a revolutionary development for Evernote. You can access Google Drive files while using the service. No more app switching. And maybe no more OneNote. It is still a beta, and is only available for Chrome via web or Android. Sorry Apple fans.

Is Microsoft OneNote Out of Tune?

Microsoft OneNote had a great year in 2014. They launched a free service for Mac and kept a free version for Windows users. Their monthly active users doubled that year and had the same numbers in 2015. No numbers released, unfortunately. Microsoft loves to stay transparent. Not really. But, for a service that has been around for 12 years, it looked promising. Evernote had a mere 100 million users in 2014. Much of OneNote’s success came from mobile apps. Which is where Microsoft OneNote needs to begin looking at redeveloping.

Do You Take Notes?

You may have stopped taking notes after university. It is a schoolyard favorite among teachers. If you aren’t taking notes, you’re not paying attention. So why do most of us stop? If you don’t presently doodle info in a notebook or on an app, you should start. There are a lot of famous people who have attributed much of their success to note keeping. Sir Richard Branson carries around a tattered notebook. John Lennon was also an avid note taker. But the most famous note taker of all was Thomas Edison. Taking notes could be the secret to success.