New ‘Google Glass’ Improves Your Health: 5 Reasons iPhone Fans are Happy

New Google Glass Improves Health: 5 Reasons Why iPhone Fans Happy Clapway

The AYO combines health and tech with Google inspiration. There are a lot of products out there that aim to combine both health and tech. Most wearable technology supports a healthy lifestyle. But few actually improve health. The AYO by Novalogy does just that. It not only has a great design. It also may improve your health through blue-light technology. The AYO is similar to the Google Glass, but offers more health benefits. It is also compatible with your iPhone, making its usability exceptional. Users have the potential to boost energy and reset their sleep cycle to more optimal levels. Making Apple fans happy and healthy.

Priced Better than Google

The Google Glass is a pricey investment for a wearable. Unless you have a thousand dollars burning a whole in your tech pocket. The AYO is not only affordable, it offers more health benefits. And it’s on sale. You may find that $169 for the AYO a steal, since you may experience daily changes that improve energy and sleep. Google should be worried, and iPhone fans very happy.

The AYP iPhone App

AYO is not only health-minded, but tech-minded as well. Users can connect their wearable AYO glasses to the AYO iPhone app. It is also compatible with other smartphones as well. Using the iPhone app allows you to customize your programming and smart device algorithms for maximum energy. You can also join your favorite influencers on the iPhone app. Seeing how they use the AYO to improve their daily routines.

Daily Health Benefits

Your daily schedule may be pretty full. Whose isn’t nowadays? The great news is that you can get the benefits of the AYO using it only 20 minutes per day. The AYO compliments reading, eating breakfast, or simply going through your morning routine. Use the AYO while on your iPhone or other Apple device to get those mood-boosting 20 minutes. It is also perfect for those long flights, since this Google inspired wearable fights jet lag.

No More Jetlag

You can land and feel energized without needing to take a day of rest. This will allow you to hit the ground running. Great for the avid traveler. The AYO will keep your inner clock ticking away to your own time zone. Setting the AYO app on your iPhone to the jetlag setting will allow you to optimize your performance, energy, and sleep once you touchdown.

Growing Smart Device Accessories

There are plenty of smart device accessories on the market for your iPhone. The AYO may be more health than Google Glass tech, but health is at a premium these days. Accessories that compliment and make your life better are essential to our daily lives. Like the best-selling SOTA sofa arm table. It allows you to multi-task and keep your iPhone viewable and upright while you relax. Add the AYO wearable to boost energy and improve your sleep, and you will have it all.