Skype, FaceTime Destroyed WhatsApp; Facebook Fans Not so Happy

Skype, FaceTime Destroyed WhatsApp; Facebook Fans Not so Happy Clapway

WhatsApp might get knocked the [email protected]#k out by Skype and FaceTime over video calling. WhatsApp was not a cheap buy for Facebook. The social media giant bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014. And when it happened, everyone in the tech world was a bit shocked. Skype and FaceTime were weak in the knees over the news. Who knew what kind of wild innovative ideas Facebook and Zuckerberg had planned for WhatsApp. One thing they did have planned was a video calling functionality. This would have been devastating for Skype and FaceTime. But for some reason, it has been pulled. Facebook and WhatsApp fans are not happy.

WhatsApp Beta Video

WhatsApp released a beta version of their new video calling function recently. This would have complimented their free calling service nicely. The beta version is a test run that would have had some challenges to start, but if FaceTime and Skype can do it. Users were using it for about a week, but it was soon pulled. There is no explanation behind the pull. But it may be found again soon.

The $19 Billion Facebook Investment

The price tag was high, but Facebook threw caution to the wind. The messaging app with basic calling between users is the only Android app to get one billion downloads. It is a hit in emerging markets. Brazil, Israel, and India all love the app. Facebook Messenger was second best for downloads. You can find it on nearly every platform, yet the masses want video calling. It would allow less app switching for WhatsApp fans.

FaceTime and Skype Not Worried

The fact that the video calling version was pulled is good news for FaceTime and Skype. It gives them more time to work on whatever innovative stuff they have coming soon. FaceTime users make roughly 20 million calls per day. And they also send billions of iMessages daily as well. Skype has around 300 million users with roughly 750,000,000 downloads under its belt. It was also a lot cheaper. Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion. The video calling war may heat up later this year.