UFO Captured on Camera in England; Government and NASA Lie…

England Facing Biggest Alien Invasion; UFO Captured on Camera UFO Captured on Camera in England; Government and NASA Lie… Clapway

The NASA and government conspiracy theories continue to fly. New planets, Hilary Clinton, and UFO sightings around the world can all be found in large amounts these days. A new UFO video published by secureteam10 discusses the new planets found in our solar system. As well as a UFO flying around in England. Do you believe in UFOs? How about government and NASA cover-ups? If you believe in one, it simply makes sense that you believe in both. If you are not a UFO enthusiast, you can still get a few laughs from the YouTube UFO sighting videos. And there are a lot. It could be a side effect of all the recent space talk. Or it may be the increase of drone use.

UFO Sighting in England

The footage brought to you by secureteam10 shows a new UFO flying around England. It is a fuzzy and obscure video that is hard to imagine being a UFO. It kind of looks like a stuffed monkey on a drone. This could be a “logical” explanation. Since drone use is pretty common around the world these days. Almost as common as all the odd UFO sightings posted on the Internet. Despite the monkey drone alien spacecraft, it is hard not to believe that life on other planets exists. NASA recently announced the discovery of more than 1,200 planets in our galaxy.

NASA Kepler Space Alien Finder

NASA released new information about our planet neighbors recently. More than 1,200 planets were found in the far away reaches of our galaxy. How did we not know about these before? Well, the Kepler space telescope received a software update that allowed the data to be processed more effectively and efficiently. Before NASA would announce a new planet every so often. Interestingly, NASA found roughly 21 exoplanets with similar size and orbit to the Earth and sun. Nasa sure is anxious to find us a new home.

Government Conspiracy

The secureteam10 video also discussed the growing enthusiasm for Planet X and Flat Earth. They did note that if Planet X did exist. Its size would surely be noticed by astronomers. And if the Earth were indeed flat. Well. That is just a strange concept, right? Not to a large group of “Flat Earthers.” Flat Earthers really do believe that the Earth is flat. And that the government has been lying to us since we were in grade school. Actually, it is a multi-government conspiracy. For the government to keep flat Earth a secret would take some serious work. But I suppose anything is possible when thinking about the government. Do you believe in a flat Earth concept?