Aliens Live on Earth; Scientists and Prophets Confirm

Aliens Live on Earth; Scientists and Prophets Have Proof Clapway

Have you ever looked at someone and thought they must be an alien? Depending on where you live, this thought may cross your mind more often than not. However, there may actually be aliens among us. Scientists and prophets have been looking into the subject ever since humans could draw life’s events on cave walls. Recent YouTube videos present the theories of some researchers in favor that aliens do in fact live among us. Prophets have also tried to warn us. Could aliens actually be living among humans on Earth?

Were Aliens on Earth Since Time of Creation?

Adrian Kent of the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics in Canada is a believer. He stated that aliens have been on Earth since the beginning of creation. And they have adopted the extreme biological ability to camouflage themselves to look like us. It has also been said that these disguised aliens have been studying humans in detail. And have telepathic communication with some of us. Jonathan Malkisom, a University of California professor also supports this theory. His research was shared in 2000 at a press conference. His theory also suggests that they have camouflaged themselves to blend in. Are the prophets of the 20th century from space?

Are Prophets like Baba Vanga Real?

A recent YouTube video published by UFOvni2012 covers the Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga. Vanga was a prophet and mystic. Millions of people around the world believed she had special abilities to see the future. Some even said that she was a supernatural saint. Vanga said that her wisdom comes from aliens. She is also famous for her ability to predict major events on Earth, like 9/11. And the Boxing Day Tsunami. One of Vanga’s future predictions is for the year 2125. The year that aliens will openly communicate with humans on Earth.

Curiosity may Kill the Cat

While scientists and prophets continue to try and confirm the mysteries of life. Our curiosity may get the best of us. Some questions may be better off unanswered. If aliens were ousted among humans, alien racism would surely follow. The people of the Earth can barely get along as it is. It may start some intergalactic war with creatures from another planet. It would be like a racist version of Star Wars. Should we listen to prophets like Baba Vanga?