Devil Kills Poor People Only; Scientists Confirm

Devil Kills The Poor; Scientists Confirm Clapway

The climate may be the work of the devil, and the devil is never satisfied. As climate risks surge around the world, the poor continue to be the most vulnerable. Whether you believe in climate change and global warming as natural or human-made, it is still happening. Is climate change the work of the devil? Some would say that it’s the failure of worldwide government action. And some would also say that the power and greed of politicians are motivated by the devil. Or at least those devilish temptations.

The Poor Left to Deal with Devil

Will the wealthy one percent be at risk when the world heats up? Will their wealth be affected by the rising waters and increased pollution? Not likely, since they will all be resting comfortably at the Hilton on Mars. Unfortunately, only the poor will be left to adapt to a damaged Earth. Recent research published this week by an international team states that the world’s poorest will be affected the most. The research found that while the poor experience extreme heat, the wealthy will be just fine. The devil loves the wealthy.

Worldwide Call to Action by Aid Groups

There have been several reports issued by aid groups around the world warning governments of the dangers. The Christian Aid group stated that Kolkata and Mumbai would be hit worse by coastal flooding. Leaving the poor to fend for themselves by 2070. Other cities under immediate threat from the climate change devil include Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Ho Chi Minh City. The Paris climate change agreement may have accomplished nothing. The warning to fund poorer countries in order to prepare for the growing climate change risk may have fallen on deaf ears.

The Devil’s Own

The report also shared that the poor will have nowhere to run. The wealthy on the other hand will have plenty of options to run and hide from the mess. Hurricane Katrina should have put things into perspective for the U.S government. And it should have served as a model for other nations. But the devil often gets its way. New Orleans is classified as one of the poorest and vulnerable cities. It is compared to Dhaka. How is that even possible? The reason for New Orleans’ high-risk level is bad infrastructure and no financial nest egg. Interestingly, the New Orleans Superdome renovations look pretty good. The devil loves its advocates.