MacBook Pro Wireless Lock and Key: 5 Reasons Apple Fans are Happy

MacBook Pro Wireless Lock and Key: 5 Reasons Apple Fans are Happy Clapway

Opening your MacBook to type in your password early in the morning is annoying. It’s actually annoying any time of the day. And for most of us, it may take a try or two depending on how fuzzy our eyes are. Or we are too wired on coffee to get our fingers working correctly. Imagine if there was a better way. The way your MacBook just knew it was you. Now there is. The GateKeeper 2.0 Wireless Computer Lock and Key allow MacBook users, and PC fans, to get logged in without a single keystroke. Apple fans get excited.This revolutionary password device will keep your Apple MacBook secure.

Apple Simplicity and Usability

The GateKeeper 2.0 is compatible with any USB-enabled computers. It is simple to set up and use. It consists of two parts, a USB adapter, and the GateKeeper 2.0 key fob. You won’t need to worry about managing your MacBook password any longer. The GateKeeper 2.0 securely stores your password and accesses it automatically via Bluetooth. Making it a must have for Apple and PC fans alike.

GateKeeper 2.0 Ultimate Security

The GateKeeper 2.0 locks your computer when you step away. Giving you and your MacBook or PC ultimate security. Once out of range, your computer simply locks. Once you return, the high-performance Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity will unlock it for you with no typing needed. Accessorizing your Apple products is fun and at a low cost. You can get more computer security for $45.99.

Sharing Multiple MacBooks in the Office?

Many start-ups getting off the ground will often have a few MacBooks spread around the office. Some are dedicated to different teams or departments. And the gatekeeper 2.0 keeps it that way. It allows users to control who has access to what computer.

Great Design Without the Bulk

The GateKeeper 2.0 key fob is small and fits on your key chain. It is smaller than a car key with a subtle, seamless design. This is fantastic for Apple fans that love the traditional seamless design. The USB adapter is even smaller. Users simply don’t even realize it’s plugged in.

Total Control Over Your Privacy

It is also equipped with a two-factor authentication. This combines Bluetooth access with the regular mode of access, which emphasizes security. It can also be great for classrooms, or at home. Keeping kids off the computer is easy if they don’t have a GateKeeper 2.0 key fob. In many doctor offices, security of patient data is essential. Doctors or other health care personnel can have their computer locked the moment they step away from it.