NASA Smart Glasses: 5 Reasons That Make PS4, Xbox Fans Happy

NASA Smart Glasses: 5 Reasons That Make PS4, Xbox Fans Happy Clapway Clapway

The age of wearable tech is upon us all. From smart watches to smart glasses, you can accessorize your tech life to the extreme. Some of the best smartest wearable tech that impacts your daily life is glasses. Smart glasses have evolved into tech that everyone can use and afford. Two new NASA inspired glasses are changing the daily lives of extreme athletes and sofa soldiers around he world. The AYO smart glasses boost energy and improve sleep. And the CTRL ONE Black LCD tint glasses improve your visual clarity. Combine the two, and you have the next generation of wearable smart glasses. These glasses have also impacted the gaming world. PS4 and Xbox One fans simply can’t get enough.

Sleek NASA Design

The light tech offered by the AYO smart glasses could be useful on any NASA mission. Controlled via smartphone app, these NASA inspired glasses can adjust your hormones using innovative lighting. The CTRL ONE Black LCD smart glasses automatically tint within seconds when light changes. Developed by U.S. Special Forces, PS4 and Xbox Call of Duty fans love these. Each pair offers a sleek tech look as well.

Expensive Tech Made Affordable

PS4 and Xbox fans are always happy to score a deal. The AYO and CTRL ONE Black smart glasses are indeed that. The CTRL ONE Black smart glasses cost $40 million to develop. That is worthy of any NASA funded project. PS4 and Xbox fans can get them for $225. The AYO smart glasses are also affordable, especially when considering the health benefits users may achieve. PS4 and Xbox fans are excited about the boost in energy they get for $169.

AYO Tech for Gamers

The tech benefits far outweigh the cost of these revolutionary smart glasses worthy of a NASA engineer nod. The AYO smart glasses can be optimized using the AYO app. You can adjust and calibrate your sleep cycle, boost energy via smart lighting, and also beat jetlag like symptoms from an all night gaming session. Twenty minutes of AYO a day is all you need to get the benefits.

CTRL ONE Black for Gamers

The CTRL ONE Black smart glasses put real solider tech in the hands of sofa soldiers. PS4 and Xbox gamers experience the fastest reacting vision possible. When your game lighting changes, the CTRL ONE Black smart glasses automatically change with it in milliseconds. Special Forces wear them, and they are the official smart glasses of Tour de France winner Andy Schleck.

PS4 and Xbox Approved

The AYO and CTRL ONE Black smart glasses are PS4 and Xbox fan approved. From Call of Duty to Dark Souls 3, these NASA tech type glasses will take your gaming to the next level. And you will look pretty [email protected]¢#in awesome.