iPhone 7 Hi-Tech: 4 Most Popular Stands Among Apple Users

iPhone 7 Hi-Tech: 4 Most Popular Stands Among Apple Users Clapway

The smart tech you own always needs a home, in your home. You may find it difficult to stay organized, or may need your hands-free while multi-tasking dinner, a FaceTime, and your favorite series. There are a wealth of Apple inspired products that can compliment any room in your home or office. Smart stands make perfect accessories to your iPhone. And Apple users are catching on to this growing trend.

SOTA Laser Cut Sofa Arm Table for iPhone

The SOTA Laser Cut Sofa Arm Table by LOHN, Little Objects for Huge Needs, has the flat surface Apple users need. It not only looks fantastic wrapped securely along your sofa armrest. It holds your iPhone upright for optimal multitasking. You can FaceTime, message, browse, or watch videos hands-free. The iPhone holder is custom fit for most smart device thicknesses. There is also ample space for your drink, iPad, iPod, magazine, or traditional paperback. Apple fans love the hands free relaxation. The SOTA sofa arm table comes in three different wood grains and is on sale for only $45.

EXY Laser Cut Wood Monitor Riser with Cell Phone Stand

The EXY by LOHN is another smart device table that Apple users are raving about. The EXY allows users to optimize their digital vision by combining monitor and iPhone. The EXY monitor stand is compatible with your smartphone and tablet with thickness up to 7 inches. Apple users can stay organized while keeping the warm wood grain aesthetics that compliments any home or office. It comes in three different wood grains with custom thickness accommodation. Available for just under $43.

Chargestand Portable Phone Charger and Stand

The Chargestand by Ventev is a portable iPhone charger that doubles as a stand. It allows a user to position their smartphones vertically or horizontally. This gives Apple fans the hands-free usability for calls, messages, browsing, and watching their favorite YouTube channel. The Chargstand charges your smartphone while you are using it. It is celebrated as the only docking stand on the market that you don’t have to plug in. It is also super compact, making it perfect for iPhone enthusiasts always on the go. You can grab a Chargstand for $59 and back their crowdfunding campaign.

CRODESK Laser Cut Wood Bed Desk with Apple Style

The CRODESK by LOHN is another smart device stand and workstation that offers the best of both worlds. Seamless design and relaxation. You will enjoy the organization the CRODESK offers. And crave its relaxing qualities when not using it. The lap desk is easy to assemble, since it is set on foldable joints. No screwing or drilling required. It is the perfect table for your iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products. It is available in three wood grains for only $89, and ships within weeks.