NASA: Aliens on Jupiter’s Moon Look Like Humans

NASA: Aliens on Jupiter's Moon Look Like Humans Clapway

An Earth-like moon may have human-like aliens. NASA has been searching for new places in the galaxy. Places to build future space colonies. And possibly find life on other planets and moons. Or at least signs that life did exist before. Hence the rush to Mars. In their search, they have identified the Jupiter moon Europa. If Jupiter has the moon similar to Earth, then human-like aliens could exist on said moon. Well, that is the theory. A loose theory at that. However, a recent study by NASA found some very interesting characteristics on the Earth like Jupiter moon.

NASA’s Jupiter Moon Study

Researchers at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in California uncovered an ocean like condition under Europa’s surface of the ice. This ice-covered ocean was found to have just the right balance of energy. The energy that would support life. Another Earth-like characteristic of the Jupiter moon is its similar oxygen production. The oxygen level on Jupiter’s moon Europa exceeds the hydrogen production by 10 times. NASA said that it is studying the flow of energy and nutrients on the alien moon to better understand Earth. But maybe they are just looking for a new place to colonize.

Could Human Like Aliens Exist?

The links between Europa and Earth may also be a connection to aliens. Aliens similar to humans. This could be groundbreaking evidence toward the actual existence of aliens. Eliminating government cover-ups and conspiracy theories once and for all. Even if NASA doesn’t find the living human-like aliens on the Jupiter moon, it would still be cool to find an alien body frozen in time.

The NASA 2020 Mission

The recent discovery of the alien ocean and its Earth-like links may lead to a series of missions. NASA did say that more research is needed. Needed to better understand how the balance of oxygen and hydrogen work. The space agency also said that a launch is scheduled for 2020. A radiation-tolerant spacecraft will launch toward the Jupiter moon. Once in orbit, it will make a series of flybys. Photos will be taken. And the data may prove useful to future Jupiter missions. Will Mars be replaced for Europa moon aliens that could unlock human secrets?