iPhone 6 Camera Upgrade: 5 Reasons Apple Fans are Happy

iPhone 6 Camera Upgrade: 5 Reasons Apple Fans are Happy Clapway

Getting the most from your iPhone 6 camera is now possible. The Helium Core by Brandon Hoe allows users to get the absolute most from their iPhone camera. It unleashes the unlimited potential for Apple users. The Helium Core is equipped with iPhone cage and chassis. It allows users to easily swap lenses and customize their iPhone video and photography tech. It goes beyond your iPhone’s traditional shooting feature. And it offers durability that many of us crave. You can also accessorize the Helium Core with flashes, microphones, and whatever else you may need for the perfect video or photo. Apple users love the Helium Core, here’s why.

Usability Beyond the iPhone

The Helium Core offers maximum usability for your iPhone. You can customize your iPhone for nearly any type of shooting. It can be used as to film a movie and capture photos. The Helium Core can also be a live broadcasting setup or mobile journalism or vlogging rig. Its pocket size design and durability are aspects that keep its usability so mobile.

Seamless Durable Design

The Helium Core is not only sleek and seamless, but also durable. It makes your iPhone more comfortable to hold, offering a better grip. It keeps with Apple design practices, which Apple loyalists love. It boasts curved edge features that make it pleasing to the eye and ergonomic. The Helium Core is constructed of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum for optimal durability. The anodized finish gives it that sleek, seamless look an iPhone deserves.

Get the Right Fit

When Apple fans buy a smart device or accessory, they want to know it is the right fit for them. The Helium Core offers the right fit for everything else. Its precise measures fit the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, and 6s Plus. It is equipped with an integrated lens mount, 37mm threaded lenses. The lens also doesn’t block any factory buttons or jacks.

Mountable Anywhere

The Helium Core is mountable anywhere. Perfect for the on the go video enthusiast. It offers industry-standard 1/4”-20 mounting points for any mount and position you need to get the perfect shot. The mounts are located on all sides with 16 on the core, and 17 on the Core+. The axis of the tripod mount is also aligned with the lens for optimal shooting.

A Company that Listens to Apple Users

Apple users love it when engineers and designers listen to them or make their tech wishes come true. The Helium Core team enlisted the feedback of their Kickstarter fans and redesigned a key feature. The Helium Core is now equipped with tool-less removal.