UFO Damaged SpaceX Rocket; NASA is silent

UFO Damaged SpaceX Rocket; NASA is silent Clapway

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket made history on April 8, 2016, for it’s successful upright landing on an offshore drone in the Atlantic Ocean. Amidst the jovial bouts of celebration, news of damage to the rocket slipped under the radar. The company believes the Falcon 9 will not be able to fly again. Now, skeptics are beginning to ask questions. Is this just a result of poor design, or is there a potential conspiracy to examine? Not to say that UFO’s are the direct cause of this, but stranger things have happened. As always, NASA denies any such occurrence.


The reason for SpaceX’s goal of landing the Falcon9 rocket back on Earth was so that it could be reused for later launches, thus reducing costs. When the Falcon 9 successfully touched base off shore, SpaceX rejoiced in the accomplishments. Reusable rockets were now possible for the company and the sky was no longer the limit. However, among the countless news stories and celebrations, SpaceX quietly revealed that the rocket suffered great damage. Somewhere above the Earth’s atmosphere, Falcon 9 encountered some conflict. Now, this reusable rocket may have seen its last flight. Of course, the usual UFO suspects are being looked at as the cause.


NASA, SpaceX or any other successful company will usually deny the existence of UFO’s, especially in a case like this but that doesn’t stop alien hunters from drawing up their own conclusions. Reports are suggesting that Falcon 9 rocket suffered great damage due to speed increase coming back into Earth’s atmosphere. Sure, that’s one possibility but perhaps the UFO’s out there don’t exactly like Elon Musk tinkering around in orbit. He might just pose the largest risk to alien nations due to this technological innovations. Musk seeks to explore Mars and beyond in the coming years, which could mean bad news for civilizations that want to remain unseen. Of course, this is just wild speculation and NASA couldn’t agree more.


NASA has always denied UFO’s and will continue to do so until they find proof themselves. As the world’s most successful and well-known space agency, NASA can not afford to be upstaged in a large discovery such as life on another planet. They will decide when and where to announce such a finding. With Elon Musk already making them look bad, it surely won’t be him that will beat the space agency to the historical achievement. Whether or not they can successful hold off the work of alien hunters everywhere remains to be seen.