Alien Hybrids Live on Earth and UFO Spaceships; Scientists Confirm…

CIA and Russian President: UFO and Aliens Exist Alien Hybrids Live on Earth and UFO Spaceships; Scientists Confirm Clapway

Energy scientists who have helped shape major renewable power policies in the world have come forth saying that alien hybrids, in fact, live on Earth. Not only that but they are secretly implanting their DNA into the wombs of pregnant humans. UFO spaceship sightings are beginning to look a little tame after a remark like that.


Scientists such as Miguel Mendonca have recently come forth with some critical news regarding aliens, Earth and the future of humanity. Not only are UFO spaceships real, but alien hybrids exist on planet Earth and they are expanding. This may seem a tad frightening at first, but scientists like Mendonca claim that this alien hybrid community is vital to the future of the human race. They have helped us evolve into the higher beings that we are today and will continue to do so for generations to come. Now, Mr. Mendonca suffers from MS, an illness that has severe neurological symptoms and  mental exhaustion, but that doesn’t mean his opinion should be ignored entirely. After all, Mendonca was once part of a league of highly respected scientists.


Mendonca, from Bristol, U.K was once a research manager for the World Future Council. There, he and other scientists promoted the best policy for renewable power sources and he has written on green energy policy extensively. Since then, Mendonca has focused his attention from the likes of GMO’s to UFOs. The latest publication of his focuses on eight individuals who far surpass believing in UFOs. In fact, these individuals claim they are alien hybrids. Apparently, they have grown up with implanted alien DNA in their bodies and are part of a mission to improve mankind. At first, Mendonca just entered the research with an open mind, however now, he feels he has uncovered the mystery of why UFO’s are constantly seen visiting Earth.


Let’s say that aliens are visiting Earth constantly. The reports are all true and abductions do happen. If this theory of hybrid aliens is correct, though, that would imply they are impregnating us. If that’s so, what do the aliens get out of this? Do they get pleasure from sex just as we do? Do they take great joy in seeing humanity thrive because of their help? Are they knowingly preventing universal destruction by planting their seeds? Is there such thing as a stupid question? Perhaps. For now, we will just have to go on the stories of one former scientist with MS and a group of potentially crazy, hybrid human aliens.