iPad Pro Wood Organizer: 5 Features Making Apple Fans Happy

iPad Pro Wood Organizer: 5 Features Making Apple Fans Happy Clapway

If you ever wished that a lap desk, sofa desk, and desk organizer existed, then your wish has come to fruition. The STRIPES Laser Cut Wood Tech Organizer by LOHN combines all three in one innovative tech organizer for your Apple products. LOHN, or Little Objects for Huge Needs has a large variety of Apple inspired products. They are perfect for tech geeks looking to accessorize their smart devices, homes, and offices. Even if you don’t subscribe as being a tech geek, the STRIPES wood tech organizer will keep your iPad and Macbook secure while working or browsing. It boasts the features Apple fans crave.

Laser Cut Precision

Lasers are pretty awesome. Cutting stuff with lasers is even better. STRIPES is a wood tech organizer cut and shaped via laser precision. This makes STRIPES design accurate and smooth. Having a product that is laser cut also lends a hand in making conversation, since this wood tech organizer offers a subtle, aesthetically soft design.

Double Sided for iPad and MacBook

The STRIPES wood tech organizer is equipped with two distinct sides, depending on which device you are planning to work or relax with. The slatted side is perfect for your iPad, as it slides perfectly in the slots. Relaxing on the sofa with your iPad securely in front of you while enjoying an adult beverage is the only way to relax. STRIPES can get you to 100 percent relaxation. The flat side offers the perfect surface for your MacBook. Keeping your computer secure while keeping your legs less sweaty.

No More Sweaty Legs

The unique design and precision STRIPES offers also extends to its airflow displacement. If you have ever used your MacBook or PC on your lap for long periods, you know what it’s like to have sweaty legs. That is because the hot air from your Apple device generates heat and limited airflow in your lap. The STRIPES has channels that move the heat toward the sides, rather than directly on your legs. This makes for a much more comfortable experience. Also useful for a long iPad time.

Apple Inspired Usability

The STRIPES can be used in three different ways. As a lap desk, keeping your legs cool. The lap desk fits Apple screens up to 15.6”. It can also be used as a sofa desk, letting you relax with all your devices securely at the ready for that impromptu FaceTime. It is also a great desk organizer, equipped with a smart device stand perfect for your iPad. The smart device stand has a maximum width of 280 mm. Apple fans love usability, and they love STRIPES.

Variety for a Discount

The STRIPES wood tech organizer is available in three unique wood grain colors. The colors include natural wood, light walnut, and dark walnut. It is also available at a discount price. For just under $73, you can have the STRIPES laser cut wood tech organizer on your sofa in two to three weeks.