NASA is on its Way To Meet Alien Humanoid on MU69 Space Object

NASA is on its Way To Meet Alien Humanoid on MU69 Space Object UFO captured by ISS Live Stream; will NASA Comment? Clapway

The NASA project New Horizon may build on its successes via Kuiper Belt flyby. The New Horizon team of researchers also plans to study MU69 in more depth. Could this be another secret alien space mission? New Horizon had recent success after it accomplished its Pluto flyby without crashing or deviating from its scheduled course. This has been impressive for NASA, given the distance from Earth to Pluto. However, there may be more at stake for the MU69 mission. Maybe NASA is looking to make contact with a space alien humanoid?

NASA Found Red Planet Alien Humanoid

A recent photo of an alien humanoid on Mars surfaced. This has brought on more questions about life in space for NASA. The photo trended as an alien humanoid, but naysayers and non-believers think otherwise. Though the photo is fuzzy, it could be an alien. Or maybe Elon Musk surveying land for the 2020 Martian colony he plans to construct. If there is an alien humanoid on Mars, they must exist in other realms of space right? NASA and the New Horizon team may be on the verge of finding out as plans for MU69 exploration begins.

MU69 Exploration

While you are sipping cold ones at a barbeque on Earth, the New Horizon project will be exploring the far reaches of the galaxy. They are planning a flyby of MU69 this summer. As well as some data collection hopes in the Kuiper Belt. MU69 is an icy rock roughly a billion miles from Pluto. However, this icy rock may be significant to finding answers. It may even lead NASA to alien humanoids in space. MU69 is believed to be a time capsule of sorts, existing since the infancy of the solar system.

No Space Approval Yet

What might be found on MU69 and the Kuiper Belt may be why NASA is dragging their feet with mission approval. The New Horizon team is ready to spend this summer exploring deep space. But NASA is much more reluctant. Ironically, the New Horizon project is the cheapest one the space agency has. Its cost is roughly $700 million, which is not bad. Considering the space agency has shelled out $400 million on SpaceX contracts. Maybe a space alien humanoid on MU69 will be the result.