Uncharted 4 to Beat GTA 5 and Minecraft; PS4 Fans Are Happy

Uncharted 4 to Beat GTA 5 and Minecraft; PS4 Fans Are Happy Clapway

The video game industry may soon have a new game leading the way. The video game industry has an estimated worth of roughly $17 billion. It is expected to grow $3 billion by 2019. Minecraft and GTA 5 have been top sellers, only defeated by Wii Sports and Tetris, according to some reports. But Uncharted 4 may be making a move on the inside to take the lead. PS4 fans are happy. Despite the Minecraft and GTA 5 loyalists out there, Uncharted 4 may take a few gamers from the PS4 ranks. PS4 fans also know a great deal when they see one. Making bundles even more appealing for Sony console loyalists.

Reason for Minecraft Success Over GTA 5

Tracking video game sales are challenging. Copies shipped vs. copies sold have been the standard measurement. Minecraft is much cheaper than GTA 5. Which makes Minecraft copies shipped numbers higher. However, GTA 5 has better sales numbers for full priced AAA releases hands down. PS4 fans of a wider demographic may find Minecraft more appealing. Especially with its new academic standing. GTA 5 is simply more specific. Uncharted 4 took a different approach to increase sale and shipment numbers.

Uncharted 4 Bundle for PS4

One way to move up the gamer food chain is to bundle. Recently, Uncharted 4 has been bundled in all sorts of ways. This may have led to increasing sales by 60 percent, compared to the previous title. Some bundle deals are for a limited time. So PS4 fans need to act fast to cash in. NewEgg and Antonline have had multiple bundle deals that put the new Uncharted title into the hands of PS4 fans. The Nathan Drake Collection bundle was $350. The NewEgg bundle was also $350 on their eBay store.

Sony’s Largest Marketing Campaign

If you want your game to be #1, you better put some cash behind it. Uncharted 4 was Sony’s largest marketing campaign to date. Phil Spencer from Xbox even congratulated Sony on the title’s success. The best Uncharted 4 bundle deal out there right now is for $369. It includes Ratchet and Clank in the bundle as well. Not a bad deal for PS4 fans looking to get the most for their Benjamins.