UFOs Captured in UK Were Interested in Nuclear Weapons; Cops Claim…

UFO Captured in UK Were Interested in Nuclear Weapons; Cops Claim… Clapway

The Rendlesham Forest incident, or better known as its nickname Britain’s Roswell, occurred over a few nights in December 1980. According to numerous reports from cops, citizens and military commanders the UK may have dodged a potential UFO nuclear attack 35 years ago.


The days surrounding Christmas are always filled with some magic in the air but UFO’s are not normally part of the celebration. Aliens on December 26th, 1980 did not get that memo as reports of triangular shaped craft landing in the UK received some attention from authorities. Ex-cops have claimed that they first saw the lights touchdown in the forest near a military base which cut off communication systems for about 40 minutes. Later on,the cops went to investigate which lead to a finding of 1.5inch impact holes, damage to the trees and increased radiation in the area. What little reports there are have been all but silenced in recent years. One ex-cop believes the government is to blame due to the relation of nuclear weapons.


As most UFO experiences tend to go, Britain’s Roswell has undergone a series of alternative theories attempting to cover up the event. Some claim the lights came from a nearby lighthouse, military tests, or an alien prank gone array. Despite the constant denial by the higher powers, skeptics have remained, well, skeptical.  One of the main supporters of the UFO sighting is former cop John Hanson. Hanson organized the Suffolk UFO conference and seeks to shed some light on the conspiracy. According to the former cops, nuclear weapons were being held at the US base in Rendlesham and that is the reason for the aforementioned alien involvement.


In the 1980’s, the Cold War was in full force. Both the US and Russia had nuclear arms at their fingertips waiting to be launched. The fact that aliens were investigation this U.S base in the U.K with alleged nuclear weapons may not be a coincidence. Cops like John Hanson sure don’t seem to think so. Possession of weapons like that translate to power. Surely, something so valuable to the human race is worth checking out from an alien point of view. Whether they were there for their own research or in cahoots in with the Russians is nothing more than pure skepticism at this point. Yet, one must wonder how man more of these “incidents” can be chalked up as nonsense by the government.