New MacBook Pro Like MacBook Air; Apple Fans are Happy

New MacBook Pro Like MacBook Air; Apple Fans are Happy Clapway

There is plenty of buzz surrounding the next generation iPhone, but what about the MacBook? The new MacBook may be a glimpse into the future of Apple innovation. The new MacBook may also offer similar qualities to the MacBook air. Most Apple fans crave new features. However, if Apple can combine those features with a MacBook Air design, it will surely be a market pleaser. With two new lines, the Pro and 12-inch MacBook are a possible indicator of what is to come for the high-performance innovation of MacBook’s future generations.

A Leaner, Lighter Apple

The new MacBook has a high probability of being thinner and lighter than ever before. This is what fans crave, so naturally the tech company aims to please. In 2013, fans saw the Pro reduce in thickness by 0.04 inches. It also went on a diet, dropping a weight class, from 3.57 pounds to 3.46. The new MacBook’s will definitely have a USB-C port as well. This will most likely be emphasized on the bigger MacBooks, making a muti-port obsolete.

Better MacBook Display and Keyboard

The newest Mac uses a Butterfly feature, which is more effective and efficient than the standard scissor. Apple fans love the larger and thinner keys. So Apple fans can bet on seeing a few keyboard upgrades. One big upgrade to the new line of Macs will most likely be a better display. The thinnest Mac display ever is the 3 million pixels is found on the new 12-inch Mac. The newest MacBooks will surely have a larger aperture and a 30 percent more energy efficient display as well. This upgrade will lean Macs toward the Air design, and fans will be pretty excited.

A Marathon Inspired Mac

The current 2016 12-inch Mac is equipped with the newest generation Skylake processor. This has made it faster with more battery time than ever before. In fact, the new Mac has an added hour of battery life to the delight of Apple fans everywhere. Terraced battery cell technology will also greatly improve the life of the MacBook’s battery. This is an exciting feature for those Apple fans always on the go.