Edward Snowden and Russia Declared War Against Google and Apple?

Edward Snowden and Russia Declared War Against Google and Apple? Clapway

Google announced the launch of two messaging apps, Duo, and Allo. The majority of the world has since continued on with their day to day operations with little say on the matter until Edward Snowden decided to chirp in from Moscow. Apparently, Allo’s lack of encryption makes it dangerous and it should be avoided. While this battle continues to wage on, Russia itself has decided to take on Apple.


Despite Snowden’s gloomy asylum in Moscow, it seems his whistleblowing ways are all but finished. News of Google’s two new messaging apps may have received the cold shoulder from the majority of the world but for Snowden it means danger. According to Snowden’s Twitter post, Google has decided to disable end-to-end encryption by default for the new chat app Allo. This puts users at risk and Snowden quickly told them to avoid the app for the time being. At the moment, it’s not known whether Google plans to introduce end-to-end encryption into Allo. Until they do, Eric will continue to wage his personal war on privacy. He’s not the only Russian entity doing so either.


For now, Google has remained out of range of any Russian attacks, but that’s not to say all California companies are safe. Russia has an issue with Apple. The country is suspending the online services of Apple which will surely effect sales for them. Along with Russia, China is also joining in on this takedown attempt. Neither Russia or China want the internet without borders and companies like Apple pose a threat to that. By taking down the Apple’s and Google’s of the world, Russia can have a better chance of maintaining control. The more access citizens have to online information have, the more freedom will be obtained. While that may seem nice to us in America, not all government’s want that.


It seems increasing so that powers in the East are getting stronger with each fiscal year. Not only that but they are doing so without the beating heart of capitalism that has been responsible for America’s dominance for the past century. Countries that actively practice censorship and communist theories are gaining traction in the global market. For the time being, the tech companies of the U.S are holding their own but that may not last much longer.