NASA Accused of Lying about Doomsday

NASA Accused of Lying about Doomsday Clapway

Doomsday has taken many forms since biblical times. One scenario most people can visualize is an impact by an asteroid. After all, that was the doomsday scenario that killed off the dinosaurs. In fact, 14,000 asteroids whip by Earth. And none will make an impact. However, scientists want to study the unknown number of asteroids still passing by Earth. A former chief technologist at Microsoft, Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, is one of them. He has recently put the spotlight on NASA. And their asteroid data. Questioning the NASA asteroid smashing into Earth doomsday scenario not what it seems.

NASA Doesn’t Know Everything

Dr. Myhrvold is a special intellectual. He has been celebrated for his 2,348-page cookbook. And his blunt scolding of scientists with crappy data. Myhrvold said that NASA doesn’t know as much as they think they do. And when it comes to asteroids, it may be impossible to know everything. That is why he questioned the WISE 2009 data analysis that Neowise compiled. He basically said that all their data was wrong regarding the size and reflectivity of more than 150,000 asteroids. You could say NASA wasn’t too happy. Especially sincere  has never studied asteroids before or is an astronomer.

Not the First Time

Before Myhrvold targeted NASA and doomsday, he questioned dinosaurs. By the way, he  actually owns a piece of an asteroid. He didn’t question that they existed, but instead their rate of growth. While studying paleontology at Florida State University, he accused his professor of having bad data. Like NASA, this did not go over very well. However, many of the issues he pointed out were eventually amended in his professor’s work. He has been celebrated as one who questions those who otherwise are never questioned. The people and associations thought to be the most intelligent and data-driven geniuses.

Will Doomsday Happen?

If the extinction of dinosaurs was truly caused by a giant asteroid crashing into the Earth, it could happen again. There have definitely been plenty of movies and books on the subject. If an asteroid causes Doomsday, would NASA even warn the public? Or would they rush the powers of the world to a secret location? If NASA found an asteroid large enough to cause 80 percent damage, they probably wouldn’t want the last moments of humans to erupt into chaos. However, they are great at keeping secrets.