Scientists: Eat Fat and Smoke Marijuana to Get Healthy

Scientists: Eat Fat and Smoke Marijuana to Get Healthy Clapway

Is eating less fat and lowering your cholesterol healthy? Or is it killing you? A recent report by the National Obesity Forum, an obesity charity, suggests just that. This may turn many peoples’ diets around. And may also shake up how people view what they eat. The report is also a call to action for governments. Urging them to overhaul their official dietary guidelines. What else should people look into changing for a healthy lifestyle? Marijuana has become a budding health issue as well. As advocates for the sticky-icky push for global legalization.

More Fat for a Healthy Life

The National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration warns that low fat may equate to lower life expectancy. They suggest that eating fat does not make you fat. They were so bold to say that promoting low fat “healthy” diets is the biggest medical mistake in history. The healthy push for low-fat diets is noted in the report to have increased carbs. And junk food intake. Obesity is a huge global issue. The UN estimates that 39 percent of adults are overweight. And 13 percent were obese. The report wants whole foods like meat, fish, and high-fat foods like avocados to return to dinner tables.

The Diet Culture Serves Obesity

Over the past few decades, dieting has become a billion dollar industry. People want to look like celebrities and magazine models. And the ideology of fit and healthy has turned into how defined your abs are. Sure people are living longer, but that has a lot to do with medical advancements and technology. On average, people are getting fatter, diet or no diet with heart disease, cancer, and diabetes killing people left and right. Before, people ate what made them feel good, and what they could get on their tables. The era of convenience and diets have caused ups and downs for people who would have been otherwise healthy before.

Marijuana Was Once the Devil Too

It seems that much of what government health officials have said in the past is being found to have some benefits today. Marijuana use is one of those issues. Before obesity reared its ugly head, marijuana was the devil. It was not part of a healthy lifestyle, and those who smoked marijuana were considered nefarious. But today medical marijuana and marijuana, in general, has healthy properties useful to humans. It has been used to treat pain in many chronic diseases. It has been found to help with autism. And it is most certainly better than alcohol, according to reports. So maybe smoking marijuana and eating a few ultra fatty foods like fish and avocados is a healthier way to live.