UFO Caught on Camera at North Pole; NASA involved…

UFO Caught on Camera at North Pole; NASA involved... Clapway

NASA has once again been caught red-handed with a cover-up attempt. A recent flyby of the ISS over the North Pole shows footage that was mysteriously covered up when the craft passed over a certain part of the north pole. This region has long been thought to harbor a UFO hole leading to the center of the Earth.


For those unfamiliar with the hollow earth theory, some believe our planet is in fact hollow. Beneath the outer layer is a whole other world complete with its own sun and civilization. A civilization that UFO’s access from two holes located on the north and south poles. A crazy sounding theory at first, but what’s even crazier is NASA’s attempts at covering it all up. When the ISS flys over these supposed holes, NASA is quick to cut off the feed. Any images of the holes from years past are usually taken off the internet, although a few examples have persevered. As ridiculous as a hollow Earth may sound, the NASA coverups don’t exactly make one feel at ease.


Years ago, a U.S Navy Captain was sailing in the arctic region and reported that half his fleet was destroyed from UFO’s magically appearing from the sea. This location was oddly near the aforementioned holes that lead to the center of this Earth. One man’s opinion is hardly worth listening too however, it’s not just one man’s opinion. Reports of UFO activity inside the Earth, as well as other planets in our solar system, are widely known. NASA astronauts have even reported feelings of vibrations while on the moon as if the whole surface was just a metallic outer shell of sorts. As with all conspiracies, it’s best to not make any generalizations but one can’t help but be curious.


Whatever the government seems to be hiding in the poles must something of grave significance. Analyzing flight patterns of the U.S planes, one will see that no planes are ever allowed to fly over the designated zones where the UFO holes are thought to be. If something is up there, the government sure doesn’t want us to know.