Triangular UFO With Egyptian Symbols Circling Around UK Nuclear Bunkers

Scientists Scanning Egypt Pyramids to Find Aliens Clapway Triangular UFO With Egyptian Symbols Circling Around UK Nuclear Bunkers Clapway

The truth may be out there. And people are beginning to speak up. This is the case with the most famous UFO sighting in British history. It was dubbed the British Roswell, ex-police officer breaks silence over RAF Bentwaters UFO claims. Gary Heseltine, a former British police officer has come forward. Highlighting new information regarding the triangular UFO with Egyptian type hieroglyphics. What were the aliens after? New claims suggest that the RAF Bentwaters American military base once held the largest stash of nuclear weapons in Europe. This could explain the UFO flybys.

British Nuclear Whistleblower

To the disdain of the British and American government, there have been a few whistleblowers regarding the UFO sighting. Some have foretold alien Egyptian spaceships. And others shed light on the nuclear weapons the aliens may have been after. Heseltine, a former British Transport Police officer with nearly 24 years of service came forward about the nuclear news. Heseltine said that a Colonel Halt explained that the Suffolk airbase had a large stockpile of nuclear weapons. The largest in Europe, according to reports.

UFO Flyby a Possible Attack

The source of the information came from a U.S. Air Force commander. Were the nuclear weapons another government cover-up? The original stories regarding the UFO at the British Roswell were supported by a few witness accounts. One account came from Staff, Sergeant Jim Penniston. Penniston said that the triangular spacecraft was smooth to the touch. And it had Egyptian-like hieroglyphics on it. Despite the Hollywood type description of the UFO. It may have been a possible alien attack. The aliens may have wanted to get their little green hands on the largest nuclear weapon cache in Europe.

A Growing Nuclear Space War

Elon Musk may be the next intergalactic commander of a space army fighting a nuclear war. Or not. The UFO sighting, as convinced as the witnesses are, is most likely another hoax. Or if not a hoax. Will remain covered-up by the British and American governments forever. If aliens were so sophisticated, why would they want our weapons anyway? They most likely have their own weapons of mass destruction. One’s far more deadly than what we have here on Earth. Like Trump for example. He may be a super high-tech alien weapon of mass destruction. More Trump alien news to follow.