YouTube is Making Fun of New Cross-Shaped MacBook Charger

YouTube is Making Fun of New Cross-Shaped MacBook Charger Clapway

The next generation Apple anything usually offers new features most Apple fans can get really excited about. The new MacBook is no different. There have been displayed upgrades. Edge to edge keyboard modifications. And of course a new cross-shaped MacBook charger. A recent YouTube video published by famed CollegeHumor addresses the ever changing chargers and charging ports dilemma. Is this really necessary? Should the next generation MacBooks continue this bizarre tradition of pointless upgrades?

CollegeHumor MacBook Pimp Slap

The guys and gals at CollegeHumor usually make some intriguing and funny videos. However, a there recent video discussing the MacBook charging port upgrade is hilarious. CollegeHumor has nearly 11 million subscribers. And this Apple-inspired video has reached nearly 8.5 million viewers. They do bring up an excellent point. Apple can make the thinnest MacBook ever but continually change the power port. What is going on in the design room at Apple? Can’t there simply be one charger for all MacBook generations, iPhones, and iPads?

YouTube Loves Apple

If you want to see a slew of videos involving Apple products, YouTube is the platform. From valid product reviews to dropping an iPhone wrapped in a burrito from 100 feet. YouTube has it all. And Apple fans love it. There was even a YouTube video that showed an Aussie catching a fish with a dead iPhone 6. This could have serious marketing potential for the global tech giant. Maybe Apple could spend more time fixing their Asian love triangles instead of spending so much time changing the charging port for every MacBook ever made.

Online Video Marketing

Apple could use YouTube more. Or any online video platform for that matter. This could work wonders in the Asian market, especially in overpopulated countries like China. It could help with the Chinese government and Apple relations. Or probably not. Apple just invested a billion dollars in an attempt to keep their second largest market alive. Next thing Apple will have to do to keep China happy is bombing Japan. Well, I hope not. However, Apple could be Skynet and go live in a few short years.