iPhone Mounting System with Qi Charging: 5 Things Making Apple Fans Happy

iPhone Mounting System with Qi Charging: 5 Things Making Apple Fans Happy Clapway

Imagine having magnetic iPhone charging power at your fingertips. No more cords or continually plugging. The XVIDA is your answer for wireless charging. The XVIDA Smartphone Mounting System and Qi Charging is making Apple fans go wild. It has a variety of uses in a variety of places. The XVIDA campaign has reached 221 percent of their funding goal. So needless to say, people want to see XVIDA on shelves everywhere.

Rapid iPhone Charging

Time is a premium resource most Apple fans need more of in the day. And no one wants to wait for their iPhone or Android to charge. Especially when they could be getting other things accomplished. The XVIDA offers fast charging. Fifty percent faster than most Qi chargers on the market. It chargers at 0.970A, which is close to the 1A cable charging.

Magnetic Positioning

The XVIDA smartphone charger allows Apple fans to connect to your charger perfectly every charge. Most wireless chargers need to be wiggled until the charging connectors lineup. The XVIDA is equipped with a magnetic locking interface that allows you to easily connect and charge with out the wiggle time.

Usability Apple Fans Crave

If your iPhone is already Qi compatible, you can take advantage of the XVIDA StickyPad. This universal magnetic adapter lets you take your charging to the next level. You can use the StickyPad to connect to any XVIDA accessory mount or wireless charger.

Take Your Charge On The Go

The XVIDA smartphone charger offers a variety of mounting systems and Qi charging abilities. Its unique design lets you charge at home, your office, and even your car. The XVIDA desk mount has a sleek design that keeps your iPhone upright and secure. Allowing you to use your smartphone while it charges on your desk. The car window and vent mount are perfect for charging and usability when on the road as well. Apple fans can take full advantage of their smartphone apps that make driving more effective and efficient, hands-free.

Designed for Simplicity

The magnetic mechanism the XVIDA is equipped with allows users to use it without any hassle. It self-aligns your iPhone or Android automatically. The magnetic locking also keeps your phone safe and secure while wirelessly charging. Apple fans crave simplicity combined with innovation. The XVIDA offers both.