Xbox for iPhone Device: 5 Things Making Apple Fans Happy

Xbox for iPhone Device: 5 Things Making Apple Fans Happy Clapway

The wait for new video game consoles may be shorter than ever before. A recent announcement by Xbox head Phil Spencer may have sparked a console war. A potential console war could be great for Xbox and PS fans. However, will gamers be willing to upgrade the console every year or two? Not to mention the lack of possible upgrades a gaming system may offer if one is released every year like the iPhone generations. Apple is already taking heat from fans over the possible lack of features for the iPhone 7. Will Xbox fans follow the Apple iPhone example?

Xbox Upgrades like iPhone Generations

The E3 Expo is fast approaching, and gamers are looking forward to seeing some excellent new features and games. However, the E3 Expo may be a battleground in a console war. Microsoft and Sony may be feuding like Apple and Samsung do in the iPhone and Android racket. This will put upgrades in the hands of Xbox fans sooner.

Meet the Scorpio, A Move from the Apple Playbook

This was sparked my Microsoft’s announcement of the “Scorpio.” The Scorpio will be a more graphically powerful Xbox One. This new console will essentially serve as the next generation upgrade for the Xbox. And console makers may be looking to cash in every few years, rather than every five or eight. PlayStation has been rumored to have an Apple iPhone strategy as well.

Console War Creates Better Tech

The iPhone and Samsung Galaxy war has shown consumers many things. It gave them insight into annual or biannual upgrades for smartphones. One aspect of that insight is that a tech war means better, faster tech for consumers. There are rumors that Sony will launch generational console upgrades like the PS4.5 or PS4K. Xbox will need to fire back with a generation to keep their fans happy. Thus creating a better console.

Ultimate Compatibility

Generational upgrades for gaming consoles will also offer ultimate compatibility. Microsoft and Sony are not naïve enough to think their fans will simply buy new games every time a console is launched. That means they will need to make all consoles with complete forward and backward compatibility. Xbox head Phil Spencer has already hinted to this feature fans crave.

VR Gaming Consoles

There has been some mention of VR gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Tech is rapidly changing each year. These rapid changes make it vital that gaming consoles stay relevant. VR is one way consoles will adapt to the future. This will most certainly keep Xbox fans happy. You may even begin seeing other tech companies, like Apple get into the gaining biz.