Aliens Destroyed NASA Habitat on ISS

Aliens Destroyed NASA Habitat on ISS Clapway

Hopes for a space biodome may have been dashed after a NASA failure on the ISS. The first expandable habitat designed by NASA failed to inflate on the ISS. The attempt was halted at stage three of the inflation process. The halt came after the expandable habitat operators experienced too much friction. Officials from the space agency said that the friction was much more than they had planned for, or expected. This may be true. But how was there planning not better? They are NASA for Christ sake. This “unexpected friction” could also be explained another way. NASA is covering up another ISS attack by aliens.

NASA Space Habitat for Humanity

The portable habitat is known as the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module, or simply BEAM. Bigelow Expandable Activity kind of makes it sound like a crazy space sex toy. Unfortunately for the Bigelow, forces beyond the control of NASA forced the mission to be terminated. An expandable habitat would be a big win for NASA. They are lighter and smaller for easy transport in space. It actually weighs seven times less than its metal counterpart already on the ISS. If the space agency can successfully deploy the habitat, it could have a big impact on space exploration. And possibly space tourism. The habitat is essentially the ultimate portable protection against extreme temperatures, radiation, and space debris. It would be the perfect Mars condom.

Was it Friction, or Aliens?

There has been a lot of UFO footage captured via the ISS cameras and videos lately. Some of these UFO sightings are clearly not real, but some do raise an eyebrow of interest. Aliens could be playing games with the ISS crew in order to alleviate a bit of space boredom. Earlier this year a piece of “space junk” slammed into the ISS window and cracked it. This could have easily been aliens flinging garbage like so many alien teenagers do. The recent friction failure of the inflatable habitat could have been aliens as well. Aliens could be the ultimate pranksters in space. This would explain why all the UFO footage is dodgy.

Pauly Shore Going to ISS Biodome

Imagine Pauly Shore running around the ISS trying to inflate a biodome. The movie Bio-Dome was quite a success and Shore was the star. This would be worthy of any “in space” sequel Hollywood likes to make. Movies like Predator in Space, Leprechaun in Space, Jason and Freddy in Space, or any other unrealistic situation. So why not Pauly Shore in Space? It could be a reality TV series of Pauly Shore getting weird on the space station. The Russians would be the first to commit space suicide aboard the ISS. Pauly Shore may even be the perfect candidate to meet the aliens.