UFO on Top of Sphinx Captured on Camera in Egypt

UFO on Top of Sphinx Captured on Camera in Egypt Clapway

More UFO news from Egypt. News of a possible spacecraft chamber atop the Sphinx is highlighted. The odd circle atop the sphinx looks like a manhole cover, or even a small saucer. It could also be a hole that was dug and covered by researchers. Egypt and the pyramids have long been the subject of UFO sightings and alien lore. Some believe that aliens built the pyramids. Non-believers, however, say those people are completely insane. Strangely, photos captured by NASA show pyramid like structures on the moon. Is this simply a coincidence?

Recent Footage From Egypt

The footage coming out of Egypt was published and discussed on YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon. They are a channel dedicated to all things UFO and alien. They have nearly 350,000 subscribers, so people may actually interested in what they are saying. The footage of the UFO chamber from Egypt is strange. However, not enough for alien hysteria to break out. The Sphinx and Egyptian pyramids undergo massive upkeep every year. Researchers may just be filling the cat man’s head with cement to keep it together.

UFO in Ancient Images

Theories that aliens visited ancient Egypt may be found in the images of the pyramids. Some believe that many ancient images are of modern day things, as well as futuristic objects. These ancient images loosely show boats, planes, and helicopters and have been found in the depths of Egypt pyramids. These images further the ideology of many UFO and alien enthusiasts. There are also theories surrounding time travel of humans to ancient times. Photos and paintings of a different era have had modern day tech in them.

iPhone in 1670 Painting

A recent discussion over a painting by Pieter De Hooch from 1670 surrounds time traveling humans. It may not be as mythical as ancient pyramids in Egypt. But this painting remains just as odd. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook has commented on the painting that may show a woman holding an iPhone. Could UFO time traveling humans be leaving behind modern day tech in the past? This idea seems crazy, but with the innovations in technology, it is not as strange of an idea as before. The unexplained photos, paintings, and images of UFO type evidence is becoming far more popular. Do you believe?