Dangerous Aliens are Surrounding Earth; NASA is lying….

Dangerous Aliens are Surrounding Earth; NASA is lying…. Clapway

After looking through computer simulated data, scientists have suggested that the planet Kepler-62f might be habitable for life. If that’s so, it could open up a legion of other theories suggesting life exists on other systems surrounding Earth. Judging by NASA’s history with lying, they very well could have known about aliens for years. Let’s hope they’re not dangerous.


A group of astronomers is suggesting that the planet called Kepler-62f may be habitable. The distant planet is approximately 1,200 light-years away from Earth towards the Lyra constellation. Kepler-62f is unique due to it being 40 percent larger than Earth. With that and it’s planetary range, scientists believe it may possess oceans, and maybe even life. NASA discovered the planet back in 2013 but at the time, did not reveal any information about its atmosphere. Suddenly, they know that Kepler-62f ha a warm atmosphere. Warm enough to have surface water. If this is true, it’s possible many other exoplanets surrounding Earth could bear these life-giving qualities.


While finding aliens out in space is certainly cause for celebration, it’s important to think about the potential danger. According to Douglas Vakoch, president of the non-profit Meti, it’s too late for Earth to hide from aliens. It’s quite likely that advanced civilizations already know we exist. Going off of this logic, there are a few different points one could make. If it’s true that aliens may have detected us long ago, then they might be waiting for the opportune moment for us to reach out to them. Others claim that we are far past the point of contact. Aliens have found us years ago and NASA knows about it. If that’s true, everything they’ve been involved with has been a giant lie.


Conspiracy theories are just that. Theories. One of the larger of these theories involves NASA and their constant coverup of alien existence. A recent report of the agencies Pluto photos indicated that they were taken more than three years ago, but slightly edited to show they’re fresh. Alien contact could have been made years before. Perhaps these were dangerous beings and they have successfully taken over our planet. NASA is now just feeding us fake information in order to keep us controlled, meanwhile, the evil alien civilization has infiltrated our society and regularly impregnates our women. Again, just at theory.