iPhone Care Reminder: 5 Features Making Old Apple Fans Happy;

iPhone Care Reminder: 5 Features Making Old Apple Fans Happy; Clapway

Apple products have been around for some time, and so have their loyal fans. The growing number of Apple fans, however, are collecting social security. These baby boomer iPhone users are in many ways as tech savvy as anyone. And a crowdfunding campaign by Intellicare wants to help them out. They aim to put new iPhone tech into the hands of the elderly. The OneCare Dori is an innovative reminder device that assists the elderly in a wealth of ways. It can also be used to track what’s happening in the home as well. Making caregivers and family members happy as well.

OneCare Dori iPhone App

The OneCare Dori allows everyone involved to stay connected in real time. Its iPhone and Android app give elderly people daily reminders about pills or need for activity. It also allows caregivers and family to set reminders as well. The OneCare Dori simply links and syncs everyone using one system.

Apple Inspired Innovation

Apple fans, whether they are gracefully aging or not, love innovation. The OneCare Dori emphasizes innovation on multiple levels. Its system can be applied to many areas of an elder life. The OneCare Base is the basic service that controls scheduling and reminders. It sends reminders in a voice call format easy for seniors to receive and understand via the iPhone app. This is all connected by the xSmart Hub, and eSmart, and mSmart sensors.

Track Medication Use

The mSmart sensor serves as a reminder for the elderly to take their medication on time. It can also be a helpful reminder for how much medication to take as well. Caregivers and family members can set these reminders. The mSmart sensor also tracks when a pillbox is handled, which could provide vital information in the forgetful world of elderly Apple users.

Appliance Tracking at Home

The eSmart sensor allows the elderly, caregivers, and family to track the real-time use of any appliance in the home. Elderly iPhone fans may get distracted by Angry Birds and forget they left the stove on. The OneCare Dori eSmart sensor lets everyone track these dangers in real time.

Customization and Interactivity

The OneCare Dori also offers users the ability to customize and interact via smartphone. The customization feature will let caregivers or family members record voice reminders that are personalized. The interactivity feature allows elderly Apple fans to reply via preset choices as well. These features keep everyone in touch regardless of distance.