Youtube Makes Fun of Amazon and Ebay

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E-commerce companies like Amazon and Ebay have made online shopping such a common way to buy products that we often forget how ridiculous the concept can be. One YouTube ch knows this all too well and has released a video making fun of the situation.


The idea behind Amazon and Ebay is to make shopping more convenient. Buyers are given countless options to choose from with in-depth descriptions and product reviews to aid in the process. That being said, sometimes these options can be overwhelming. CollegeHumor agrees, which his why they have taken to YouTube to point out how ridiculous the experience can be. In the video, one girl attempts to pick out a new shirt. What starts off as an easy task quickly spirals into an egocentric statement on materialism. It could also just be viewed as a funny YouTube video but let’s get political.


Could that Youtube video have been a fun way to generate a view laughs? Of course but they say behind every joke is the sick and twisted truth. Who actually says that is not known, but it’s beside the point. What that YouTube video showed, intentionally or not, was how worked up one can get over a simple decision on Amazon and Ebay. Yes, options can be a great luxury but they’ve also invented a new kind of stress. One that’s unnecessary. Back in the early 1900’s, the average person had maybe a few outfits they could choose from. The decision on what to where was not a big one. It could be argued that their stresses back then do not exist now, but it seems to we just replaced former stress with what many call, “first world problems”.


People of a certain age remember what it was like before Amazon and Ebay. There is something to compare it too. However, over time, these people will die off and soon, everyone on Earth will have no concept of life before e-commerce. Materialistic culture will soon become the norm. Obtaining objects and having so many options will not be seen as a disease as some may see it today but as just another fact of life. Ebay and Amazon will not be an alternative to shopping, they will be the only way to shop. Let’s just hope society doesn’t let materials get in the way of morals.