YouTube is Making Fun of Snapchat Hipsters

YouTube is Making Fun of Snapchat Hipsters Clapway

Snapchat has had amazing success since launching in 2011. The company’s iconic panda is followed by hipsters everywhere. And Snapchat doesn’t seem to be short of hipster followers. It is estimated that 100 million hipsters view around eight billion videos per day. Naturally this has inspired a lot of Snapchat panda videos and posts. A recent YouTube video by NikkiTutorials releases her inner panda with makeup. It is nothing, but a fun video that is great for Halloween. But as you may know, hipsters don’t wait for holidays to get weird. Just visit Portland, Oregon for supporting evidence.

YouTube Panda Face

The YouTube channel NikkiTutorials is very popular among hipsters and fashion folk alike. She has a little more than 3.5 million subscribers. And her latest Snapchat panda video went viral with over half a million views. NikkiTutorials has made makeup a topic of discussion on YouTube as well. She showed YouTubers how makeup can transform any face with her half and half face video. The panda face YouTube video is another makeup inspired tutorial that highlights the fun side of makeup. Her panda face is actually pretty spot on, which is kind of scary. Will we be seeing Snapchat panda faces on streets across America?

Hipsters Heart Snapchat

Hipsters generally love tattoos, craft beer, and co-op shopping. They also love their tech. Some extreme hipsters are against Apple, but you can be sure they have some kind of smartphone in their pocket. And that smartphone will definitely have a Snapchat app. Hipsters like to get weird, and a YouTube panda face will add value to their ripped flannel shirts. That may be the reason Snapchat has an estimated worth of $16 billion. They may find solace in the disguise of the panda. And Snapchatting their attempts at the panda face is one way they will surely express themselves. It may not be as big as that ice bucket thing, but it will surely draw some attention.

Squirting Panda Porn?

The arrival of Snapchat in 2011 opened up the porn pic floodgates. You or someone you know probably sent a dic pic, or a photo of an unshaved cat to a friend, co-worker, or lover at some point. Porn is as American as apple pie, and Snapchat was a great app for voyeurism. However, since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has grown up and their users did too. The days of the dic pic may be behind us, for personal and legal reasons out of our control. But panda porn does still exist down a dark greasy alleyway of the Internet. Porn stars like Mia Khalifa and Dani Daniels can be found on the platform. Posting “how to squirt” photos, among other porn paraphernalia.