AI Personal Trainer is As Smart As iPhone 7; Apple Fans Are Happy

AI Personal Trainer is As Smart As iPhone 7; Apple Fans Are Happy Clapway

Apple fans looking to get fit will love Vi. Vi is an AI personal trainer that lives inside biosensing earphones. ‘She’ finds your ideal path to fitness and coaches users in real time. The intelligent trainer is so smart, it just might give iPhone’s Siri a run for her money.


For those who enjoy working out, getting a trainer to help can boost motivation, increase the amounts of fun and improve productivity all around. Not everyone has the luxury of getting a personal trainer through which is why Vi was created. Vi is a personal trainer who lives inside bio-sending earphones. By using Vi, one can begin a growing relationship with an AI trainer that will get smarter and coach you to reach ideal results. Working with an Apple iPhone, users can enjoy music, talk on the phone and focus on meeting fitness goals with touching a single button.


Using inputs and sensors, VI can sense environment and physiology. She can also monitor your activity history that helps the AI learn with you. Vi’s powerful AI brain analyzes the compiled data from various training sessions. Over time, She will study your habits and adapt just as a real personal trainer would. Besides being the ideal training buddy, Vi hooks up with your Apple iPhone to enhance sound and voice operations. She can even text you. Enjoy real-time coaching, goal-run guidance, training plan creation, speech analysis and evolving voice all through the complex AI engine.


Vi comes with an Apple iPhone iOS app for use both during and off training .During the workout, the app can provide you with progress feedback in a quick, user-friendly screens. Outside of workouts, use the app to set up training plans, review progress and customize Vi all from an Apple iPhone. No matter what your physical prowess might be, Vi is designed to fit everybody. Thanks to the award-winning development firm MINIMAL, Vi’s ergonomics will not go unnoticed for every shape and form.