Marijuana Smokers and Transgender People Have Mental Disorders 

Marijuana Smokers and Transgender People Have Mental Disorders  Clapway

While the praises of marijuana and transgender individuals have been sung loudly in recent years, the two are not without their consequences according to some people. Both physical and mental disorders are said to pollute the minds and bodies of transgenders and potheads alike.


As far as mental health goes, it;s been proven that marijuana affects the brain development of users at an early age. As far as physical effects, a new study sheds light on a lesser-known outcome for dope fiends. Allegedly, middle-aged people who’ve used marijuana for many years have an increased risk of developing gum disease. That being said, overall physical health is not measured in this study. It simply focuses on gum disease. Don’t put down the joint just yet. Of marijuana smokers who have smoked 15 to 20 years, 55.6 percent had gum disease. No link was made for those that have poor cleaning habits. This means marijuana might just be to blame. While this isn’t the best news for weed heads, it’s nothing compared to what transgender people are currently dealing with.


Leave it to the GOP to continue to set society back a few years. If they’re not banning gays from Mars, they’re claiming that transgender people have mental disorders. Not only that, but Barack Obama is forcing the nation to accept them into society. Republican Rep. Susan Lynn says that transgender people have a mental disorder called “gender identity disorder”. She then went on to say we as a nation need to protect children from hormone abuse. That’s right, hormone abuse. Given Obama’s agenda, it doesn’t look like that will happen anytime soon.


Not only is dope being forced upon our nation, but now even open-minded, respectful thought. Republican Rep. Lynn’s remarks came after the Obama administration ordered every public school to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their chosen gender. As one can see, some people are not comfortable with letting “mental patients” choose which bathroom to use, hence the witnessed uproar. Perhaps the GOP needs to go under some mental evaluation of their own.