Russia Sending Moon Rocket To Meet Aliens; Putin is Happy

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is one wild character. Don’t let his rugged look fool you. Behind those cold dead eyes is a space imagination as big as Elon Musk’s. Russia has announced plans to build a reusable ISS rocket that may make moon life possible. The space race is not simply about landing and planting a flag anymore. It is now all about development, and building a home for humans. This is an exciting and scary moment if you believe in aliens. Since humans on the moon would make living with aliens real. Will there be an ISS lunar shuttle to meet aliens in 2029?

All Aboard the Putin Moon Express

Putin has openly vowed to put a Russian on the moon by 2029. This is great news for the Russia space program. Putin, however, may not let that lucky Russian come back. Armed with cases of vodka, and a polar bear rug (sorry for the stereotype), a colony may be built. To make this mission successful, Putin will need to build an ISS moon rocket. And it will be a reusable one at that. This green rocket will shuttle people and supplies back and forth from the ISS to the moon. Essentially it will be a lunar ferry with a Russian flag on it. Where is SpaceX in all this?

Will Blue Origin and Russia Do Battle?

The largest rocket company in Russia, Energia, told the world about their reusable rocket plans. They plan to fulfill Putin’s space dreams of creating a home village on the moon. Even the European Space Agency is behind the mission saying that it could be a platform for further space travel. The ISS program manager Mark Mulqueen thinks that a Mars moon could be a better choice. And Mars itself has been on NASA’s schedule for quite some time. However, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin may step in and try to steal the show. Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft has been equipped with a reusable suborbital launch system that is also cost effective.

Aliens May Share Moon Bases

If you’re a believer, the news of the “Putin Moon Express” is a chubby giver. UFOlogists and alien enthusiasts have been waiting for proof. They want the truth about aliens to finally be revealed. A recent YouTube video posted by secureteam10 showed photos of alien lunar bases. The alien pillars were discovered via Google Earth by a loyal believer. If your don’t trust Google Earth, another photo from a 1967 NASA orbiter mission showed what could be the massive pillars of an alien lunar base. Could these alien bases house humans until a village is built? Despite the motives of Russia, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Russia snatched up a few aliens for a return trip to Earth as well. What will happen in 2029?