UFO Crashed at a Military Base in Canada; Government is Silent

UFO Crashed at a Military Base in Canada; Government is Silent Clapway

Canadian military held one person after taking pictures of a crashed UFO. This is not surprising. Especially since the government will want to keep the crash a secret. The reports say that this could be 1947 all over again. The UFO crash is similar to the Roswell crash in many ways. The UFO crashed into a frozen lake near a military base. Very similar to Roswell. Only it was a ranch and not a lake. After the crash, military and government officials quickly moved in to cover it up. Does Canada now have their very own Roswell? Were there any aliens aboard the UFO?

UFO Crash Lands in Canada

Reports of an alien spacecraft crashing near a Canadian military base was posted on YouTube. The video said that the crash was near Jackhead Military Base. There was one witness to the crash who took photos. However, government and military officials grabbed that person before the photos could be made public. This smells like Canadian cover-up bacon. It was also reported that the UFO crashed into a frozen lake that happens to be on tribal land.

Military and Government Lockdown

Someone who has contact with friends on the tribal land where the crash was reported did comment on the UFO situation. Unfortunately, it is not good news. The military and government locked down the area. They are not allowing anyone to enter or leave the area. The military and government also went door-to-door asking people questions about the crash. To cover-up what was happening, they called what was happening an emergency training exercise. The freezing temperatures at that time would suggest otherwise. The military and government also covered the area around the crash site. Hoping to keep people from getting a view of a flying saucer. Or maybe even aliens.

Stephen Hawking Warns of Alien Invasion

Was it a coincidence that aliens crashed on Indian Land? Despite government plans to keep the UFO silent, the news of the crash was made public. Without evidence, however, it will remain a mystery. Interestingly, the crash may have been a failed attempt to talk with members of the tribe. Rumors of secret meetings with aliens may be kind of true. Stephen Hawking said that when aliens come to Earth, it would be similar to when the first American explorers arrived.That did not work out well for the natives of America. And the natives of Earth could suffer the same fate. Have tribal members made a deal with aliens to get their land and freedom back?